Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strength & Experience: Windsor Senior Living

The Windsor of Venice is part of a family of residences owned by Windsor Senior Living. Windsor Senior Living is a privately held company founded by Mr. Tim Buchanan and Mr. Pete Russell and their wives. Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Russell have been designing, building, and operating quality residential living environments for over 30 years. Windsor Senior Living is based in Sarasota, Florida, home of Mr. Russell.

Windsor Senior Living is founded on values of servanthood, compassion, and character. Our operating strategies, management methods, values and principles are guided by ethical standards of integrity and honestly supported by our faith. The Windsor believes is more than the physical person, but the whole person, physical mental, and spiritual.

Windsor Senior Living is guided by The Core Values that form the foundation of our company character and culture. They establish the foundation and basis for The Windsor's Philosophy of Care and guide team members in executing our Pillars of Practice. The quality of our work is measured in quality of services as well as sense of well being, comfort, and confidence experienced by those we serve.